• Karl Schmieder

Unique Positioning, Transformational Story, Media Relations Lead to Series A Investment, $2M Sales

For Medikly, a marketing automation platform designed to help brands better engage physicians, messagingLAB developed investment, sales, and media strategies designed to attract investors, engage brands, and drive media coverage.

The story was adapted for investors, customer acquisition, and media, since each has its own preferred way of receiving a story: For investors, the story was told in person; for customers, over the phone, then in person; for media, on the phone.

The result: a $1.5 million Series A financing from a leading venture capital firm, more than $1.75 million in year-one revenues, and media coverage in Contract Pharma, FierceHealthIT, GigaOm, MedCityNews, and TechCrunch, among others.