• Karl Schmieder


Why is the company called messagingLAB?

message |n| a verbal, written, or recorded communication sent to or left for the recipient who cannot be contacted directly

The message is what you remember once the story has been told, once the investor presentation is done. It’s the story you want your audience to remember and act upon.

Lab |n | a room or building equipped for scientific experiments, research or teaching.

messagingLAB works with life science leaders to form, express, develop, test and implement communications strategies that translate science into business.

Like most people in communications industries, we understand that “the models are broken” and “traditional solutions are less and less effective.” At the same time, we understand there is a growing disdain and disbelief in science.

From our inception, we realized intuitively that to succeed, we needed to deliver solutions that would remain after a story was told (messaging) and which might need continual testing and modification (lab).

messagingLAB possesses an extraordinary and diverse set of skills, operates on a progressive and entrepreneurial business model, and offers solutions untainted by bias that drive industry leadership.

What makes messagingLAB different?

We are not an advertising agency. We are not a digital agency. We are not public relations agency.

The typical agency advertising, digital, public relations views your needs through the lens of its own capabilities and fixed resources. As a result, no matter how complex and unique your business challenges, the agency will inevitably prescribe the same solution.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, since from the agency’s point of view, the client must do advertising, use digital, or engage the media because that is the service that the agency was designed and founded to deliver.

messagingLAB is more than capable of delivering “traditional communications,” but we are not compelled to because our business model permits us to manifest our capabilities and choose our resources based on the business challenge or opportunity. We do not limit ourselves or our clients to predetermined solutions or a fixed set of resources, or a static point of view.

What is the benefit of a diverse range of skills?

No two businesses are alike. Thus, no single business challenge can be solved by a single discipline, whether advertising, digital marketing, or public relations.

messagingLAB possesses a collection of very smart, experienced and highly accomplished people who understand that big ideas can come from anywhere and solutions to business challenges aren’t contained to one marketing discipline.

We believe in collaboration, co-creation and mutual respect. When we work together with our clients, the ideas flow generously and we build solutions across channels.

The benefits are clear. The value profound.

Why does messagingLAB focus on the life sciences?

We live in the biotech century.

No industry has more potential to transform the world for the better.

Yet, no technology is more widely misunderstood.

messagingLAB’s mission is to help life sciences companies reach their audiences effectively, drive the industry forward, and transform the world.

We live at the intersection of strategy and technology and ideas that lead to targeted activation and execution.

Life sciences companies have the most challenges, the most opportunities and offer us the biggest opportunity to create value.

How does messagingLAB think about media?

“The medium is the message.” Marshall McLuan (1964)
“Content is king.” Bill Gates (1996)

Today, everything is media and media is mutating. Thus everything is a message.

For several years now, marketers have preached that every company is a media company. Yet, most don’t understand why or how.

The lines between message and media no longer exist.

For life science companies, media coverage is valuable because it offers third-party validation.

However, getting media coverage starts with content creation.

Content creation can be used to drive media placements, to generate leads. But most importantly, content creation assures that a company’s message is well-defined.

Every company that comes to us wants to do PR. They want trade media coverage. They know they need a social strategy. They want to grow their email list. Some even want to advertise.

With so many tactics, it seems impossible to know where to get started and how to measure the effectiveness of a campaign .

We believe media complexity offers tremendous opportunities. Designing and executing a multi-media, multi-channel campaign that delivers outsized results is more possible than ever.

That philosophy, along with great clients, has allowed messagingLAB to prove it is innovative, creative and driven in media and communications strategies that have helped our clients achieve growth.

That is an accomplishment we’re proud of and drives all of our work.

Who is messagingLAB’s competition?

messagingLAB’s evolving model is different, not for the sake of being different (which is easy) but because “existing models no longer work.”

As a result, we see no existing entity as a direct competitor.

Our focus is on collaboration and co-creation, not competition. We have worked with and will work with anyone to deliver the best ideas and valuable solutions.

How do we get started?

Call us at 646.515.3392. Or send an email. It’s simple.