• Karl Schmieder

NYC Small Business 100 Thank You

Image Credit: Tim Mossholder

Earlier this year, messagingLAB was named INYCSmall Business Thank You 100. This was awarded to 100 New York City small businesses that stayed open and thrived during the pandemic.

I am honored that messagingLAB has been recognized among this fantastic group of New York City's best small businesses. The recognition of this industry makes me happy, and I consider this a win for all of us

This award means so much to me because it has always been challenging to be a small business owner - especially during the global pandemic. We were lucky that life sciences saw - and continues to see - attention shined on as never before (front-page news every day!). We've seen scientists collaborate in new ways and have demonstrated that what we have built and continue to build has enormous benefits for the world. And we've only just begun.

Being the only life sciences-related business on the list is especially touching. I believe that biotechnology and the work that we are doing is making New York City and the world a more sustainable, better place.

At messagingLAB, we spent the beginning of the pandemic learning about and dispelling myths about vaccines, learning how vaccine manufacturing would scale, and closely watching the roll-out. Infectious diseases and vaccines have been an important part of our work starting in 2015 (though I’ve worked on vaccine-related projects for more than 20 years).

During the pandemic, we also helped several venture funds with their messaging and content development, started an ongoing conversation about consumer biotechnology, and continued educating businesses around the concept of a bio-strategy.

This year, we've continued to focus on being a force multiplier for factual information about vaccines and biotechnology. In addition, we have used our experience to shine the light on supply chain resiliency (which is made more robust with distributed bio-manufacturing - a significant area for us), consumer biotech, cellular agriculture/future food, and a lot of other great things. Perhaps best of all, our clients are from China, Italy, France, Mexico, Sweden, and the United States. Biology (and biotechnology) are everywhere!

Image Credit: Yoav Hornung

We know we couldn’t have done this alone. Thank you to each of you who have supported messagingLAB through the past year. Thank you to each of you that knows we are building new bio cities - not only in New York - but across the country and around the world. Also, check out the 100 winners and their websites and if you are in a position to do so, buy from them, and support them.

If you want to learn more about the campaign and how to get involved, visit https://ilovesmallbiz.nyc/. If you want to follow the campaign's progress and my own journey in it, connect on social using @tysmallbiz and #TY100.