• Karl Schmieder

Want to Avoid Common (and Uncommon) Failures? Admit You're Running Continuous, Unending Experiments

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

“There is no such thing as failure. There are only results.” - Tony Robbins

CUE THE FREE JAZZ: We're running a marketing experiment.

Go ahead. Admit you care. You really do.

What? You don’t?

Well, you should because we’re all about to learn something together. Because we're running an experiment.

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To clarify, this is nothing new. We’re always running experiments. We just run them in the background and never tell our readers about them until we tell you about them.

Which we never do.

Until now.

So, listen!

I want to tell you something. It’s the ONE thing we tell all of our clients. It’s one of those do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do situations that I hate because I know it’s true.

You need to create content.

Massive amounts of content.

Meaningful content.

Written content. Videos. Social content.

The kind that an AI can’t write for you.

Content about everything you see wrong in your part of the life sciences industry.

Content that scares you and could scare your customers away. (It won’t. People love honesty.)

Content that demonstrates you are for real, you have a point of view.

Content that shows how crazy smart you and your ideas are. That kind of content will help you stand out.

I want to help every single scientist who’s ever had the idea that they could start a company. I want to help every scientist who has to sell their company, product or service.

I am so committed to this that I am going to dedicate the next quarter to creating content to show you what is possible when you put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and even stand in front of the video camera.

And just because you’re wondering whether it really matters or not, Let me tell you something I hear over and over again, “Stay in our inbox.”

In other words: Don't be a stranger. Let us know what you’re thinking, what you’re working on. Show us you’re for real. Just last week a potential client repeated, Stay in our inbox.

Stay in our inbox
Don't be a stranger. If you can't walk up the stairs, knock on the door, stay in our inbox.

So, the experiment. Are you ready?

Over the next 12 weeks, we’re going to create a massive amount of content.

Content that we hope you will find useful.

We’ve been talking to our readers, clients and friends, asking what you’d like to see. We’ll combine that with the content we’re interested in. The result will be the content we’re about to roll out.

It’s not all planned out. Some of it’s already written. But most of it isn’t.

As I write this, there are several hundred very smart subscribers to the messagingLAB list. I have 1,947 followers on Twitter and my network on LinkedIn is some 23,384 (which is a story in itself).

During the course of this experiment, you can watch us create and publish the content ourselves and we’ll report the results back when we’re done.

[You now have my permission to turn off that free jazz. One of my yoga teachers went through a phase of playing that during class. It was *OK* for a while. But if she would’ve played it during savasana, I would have strangled her.]

As always, thanks for your interest and go do something great. Right now.